119% Increase in 5G Coverage in Mecca and the Holy Sites during Al-Hajj 2020

stc increased the coverage of the 5G network in Mecca and the holy sites during the current Hajj season of 1441 AH by 119% compared to last year, in addition to increasing the capacity of the 4G network by 88%, with the aim of developing services provided to guests of the holy house of God and providing innovative digital solutions to the government sectors involved in serving pilgrims.

The 5G network has been strengthened in hundreds of locations in different regions within the Holy Lands, in addition to the Holy Sites in Mecca and Madinah, which include the Two Holy Mosques and vital areas that pilgrims and visitors to the House of God frequent. This move reflects the cultural aspect of the Kingdom as a global leader in 5G technology in addition to promoting internal solutions in the areas of Hajj and Jamrat to ensure the best communication experience, God willing. The service sites include airports and accommodation areas for the pilgrims. Free umbrellas were provided along with environmentally friendly water bottles in all areas frequented by pilgrims to perform their rituals.

The company carried out preventive maintenance and monitoring work on all parts of the network, including thousands of land lines and hundreds of circuits supporting the governmental and private sectors and aiding them through remote and on-site work to service the pilgrims efficiently and easily.

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