ITG Group is a leading company founded to continue the mission of success has been started in Saudi Arabia under two  names ADEED & BATCO which they are considered one of the leading companies in the Saudi market for Telecom sector  .

ITG Group established in Jordan in 2010 as an independent party  with a role of management , development & consultancy solution for our operations in KSA for  ADEED, MCCI , MBUZZ and ALSHARQ OFFICE .

Due of 5G revolution  our board of directors decide to assign a new role for ITG in 2020  to build a new independent unique model of business in Telecom market matching the new market changes by upgrading the services from local level to a regional & global level and developing our relation with our clients for next level reaching for a  real channel partnership . 

With our experience  over decades in dealing business with our customers &  partners  improving and developing our services & expertise and strengthening our capabilities in order  to meet the rapid technological changes , we also recognize that one of the main reason our customers continue to patronize our services is due to our absolute concern and response regardless of when and where it is required .

ITG is proud of it’s highly trained and motivated staffs , our main concern to have the best resources to be a distinguished basket knowledge & experiences for our customer , our success is a result of providing high regards to our business principles enshrined in our practices .

ITG had been involved in design &  system integration of Telecom networks to various customers as a Full Turnkey Solution  FTK for all needs of  customer , we have an enviable record for innovative solutions to customer requirements with high quality and timely delivery .