ITG believe that success in competitive business is not a matter of thinking similarly , but on how we nature and value uniqueness and openness to diverse thinking , it is in this manner that we are better equipped and susceptive to the needs of our customers and we utilize it in delivering our services .

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Our commitment to world-class performance in dealing with all our customers in whenever markets we are , yet services are competitive is the core principle of our business , we achieve it by adhering to the highest level of ethical standards  , giving due respect and fairness to everyone .

ITG understands and acknowledges the fact that the success in business is a reflection of the professionalism ,conduct and responsible attitude of its management and employees , it is in this reason that we make sure that our organization is placed with the right people and staffs are equipped with the necessary advance tools and updated training programs .

Since the inception of ITG it has aimed to build a business based on sound human values and principles , we will continue to evolve and adapt to a changing world , our basic foundation is unchanged from the time it was incepted , and reflects the basic ideas of times , honesty and a general concern for people , we always put a head the importance of business transactions based on credibility and integrity .

We make sure that in the process of doing our business , we abide by all applicable laws in wherever market we operate .