Expo 2020 Dubai

Thank you for visiting Siemens’ Expo 2020 Dubai website. We fully support the unanimous decision to postpone Expo 2020 Dubai until 1 October 2021, giving the world time to recover from the effects of a global pandemic. The Expo stands as a motive for the globe’s nations to come together and solving challenges in the spirit of cross-border inclusion, collaboration and optimism.

Our commitment to creating a blueprint for future smart cities in Dubai remains unchanged. We fully intend to play our part in ensuring Expo 2020 Dubai is a catalyst for invention, innovation and connecting minds to create the future.

We look forward to seeing you there in 2021!

119% Increase in 5G Coverage in Mecca and the Holy Sites during Al-Hajj 2020

stc increased the coverage of the 5G network in Mecca and the holy sites during the current Hajj season of 1441 AH by 119% compared to last year, in addition to increasing the capacity of the 4G network by 88%, with the aim of developing services provided to guests of the holy house of God and providing innovative digital solutions to the government sectors involved in serving pilgrims.Continue reading