CEO Message


Majd AL Kallany

CEO & Founder 

I am tremendously proud and privileged to serve as ITG’s CEO , ITG has evolved from a company that embraces a strong foundation of commitment , integrity and excellence , a company that is moving forward into a new era of growth and opportunity .

We live in a dynamic and rapidly changing business environment in which our clients have significant needs , it is our goal to embrace change and to be responsive and accountable to you as we strive to meet and even exceed your needs . To do so , we will combine our professional skills , our diversity , our team-driven yet practical approach and our relentless pursuit of your objectives with a well-grounded knowledge of your industry , this is our pledge to you and we will honor it .

ITG are covering whole MENA & MEWA , we have developed strong industry teams that can address your complex business challenges and we will continue to recruit and retain the best and the brightest in those areas where you need us most ,we have a creative “can do “ spirit that is the reason for our solid , dependable performance and success.

The current economic times are challenging for our industry , However within ITG we are rich in employee talents and passions .

This talent & passion combined with our corporate culture of excellence makes ITG a dynamic , growing , legacy company that continues to thrive in the most challenging economic conditions .

Thank you for your continued support and may we be at service to you .